Atimix System - Introduction

  1. Atimix gas mix cylinder
  2. Treated compressed-air dispersing column
  3. Electrostatic and stray currents absorbers
  4. Electrostatic earth plates

The ATIMIX SYSTEM incorporates a number of industrial patents aimed at optimising the productivity of any manual and automatic electrostatic painting system using:

  • paints in powder with corona, supercorona, triboelectric guns and electrostatic discs;
  • liquid paints (solvent or water base) with rotating bowls, airless guns, mixed air guns at high and low pressure.

The ATIMIX SYSTEM is fitted to the painting system without any changes being required to existing spraying technologies.
This SYSTEM consists of 4 parts, all contained in a metal cabinet, and more specifically:

  • Electrostatic and stray current absorbers
  • Electrostatic current earth plates
  • Air dispensing column
  • ATIMIX gas mix cylinder

The ATIMIX SYSTEM permits upgrading the productivity of the painting system to which it is fitted, by specifically affecting three factors:

  • The electrostatic field of the painting system
  • The air used by the gun
  • The paint

The ATIMIX SYSTEM affects the painting system electrostatic field by means of the electrostatic and stray current absorbers and the electrostatic earth plates.

Details about the behaviour of electrostatic currents.

During painting the charges dispensed by the gun are partially conveyed onto the outer parts of the product (and are absorbed by the walls and structures of the booth) and partially conveyed onto the piece to be painted. Such charges are never distributed in a uniform manner on the product because due to their very nature, they tend to be deposited more on the peripheral areas of the products (edges and corners).