Atimix System - ESCA


The electrostatic and stray current absorbers are devices designed to absorb, in real time, the accumulation of the electrostatic currents both on the products and in the spray booth.
The electrostatic and stray current absorbers operate on the electrostatic disturbance currents, attracting and incorporating those currents that stray inside the spray booth and those that build up in the more "critical" areas of the products (edges and corners) so as to ensure better distribution of the static load on the piece.

To absorb the static disturbance charges, copper plait (image 1) must be fastened to the structure of the piece-carrying chain using special clamps, along the section passing over the booth. Afterwards use earth leads to connect the copper plait to the electrostatic and stray current absorbers inside the Atimix System cabinet.

  1. image 1 – copper plait

  1. ESCA
  2. Inlet or absorption pole
  3. Outlet pole