Atimix System - Dispensing Column

  1. Dispensing column

The ATIMIX SYSTEM works on the gun air using a treated-air dispensing Column.

Thanks to the dispensing column, the air in the painting system follows a different path.

The air from the compressor, after being treated by the various filters and dryers or freezer, first of all flows into the column and only afterwards is directly used by the dispensing gun.
The air entering the column is conveyed down to the bottom where a tank is located containing ATIMIX LIQUID (Pat.).

The direct contact of the air with the Liquid has a dual function:

  • "to wash" the air, trapping pieces of dirt, oil and other impurities which could reach the column despite the freezer or various filters;
  • to create (together with the work done by the filtering system fitted over the tank) deionised air, meaning air capable of incorporating electrostatic charges.
    The air thus treated rises to the top part of the column, passes through a series of multilayer filters and exits from the column to be used directly by the gun during the painting process.

Treatment of the air in the dispensing column permits:

  • ensuring the same air dispensing conditions (the same air quality) to the operator for the entire year whatever the climate outside and consequent changes in humidity;
  • increasing the electrostatic conductivity of the air (caused by "deionisation"), meaning the capacity of the air to convey static charges dispensed by the gun directly onto the product (because in normal conditions, the air gap between the tip of the gun and the piece tends to disperse the charges dispensed by the gun causing paint dispersion).