Atimix System - Gaseous Mixture

  1. Atimix gaseous mixture cylinder
  2. Pressure reducer

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The Atimix gas mix consists of argon, nitrogen and helium-based inert and non-explosive gas.

This mix is introduced by means of a 6x4 rilsan pipe directly into the fluid bed or container of the paint and is left to scrub in contact with the painting product (the mix is dispensed at a pressure of 0.2 bar and consumption is about 1/4 litre x minute, while the cylinder contains 6000 litres).

The mix is absorbed by the paint particles and improves their capacity to receive the electrostatic charge; especially in the case of powder paints, the mix "works" on the finer particles, those which during painting are most volatile and which after being used several times become exhausted powders. The use of this mix thus permits obtaining a better coating, reticulation and distribution of the paint on the product.