Atimix System - Advantages


  • Savings of up to 20% in the amount of paint used

  • Less exhausted powders to be disposed of

  • Fewer production rejects (due to improved deposit of paint on the product)

  • The entire painting process can be speeded up

  • Easier and faster application for manual retouching

  • Less time needed to clean the booth (due to less overspray)


  • - Improved penetration into corners (reduction of the “Faraday cage” effect )

  • Marked improvement in quality especially in terms of deposit, distribution and even thickness of the product (reduction of the orange peel effect

  • Easier to use of any kind of paint (especially metallic paint)

  • For liquid coating, better atomization and “break-up” of paint.


  • Less dispersion (overspray) of paint inside the booth

  • Less smudge and sludge
    NB: in liquid coating, in many applications, water screens are no longer required and dry filters can be used

  • Less overspray onto operators (during manual application)

  • Less solvent used

  • Less pollution

Use of the ATIMIX SYSTEM does not involve any change in the way of working for the operators because all the changes as regards air, paint and power supply are normally made from the gun control panel.

Working with the ATIMIX SYSTEM, the operator will notice that the System affects the painting environment. Disturbance currents around the product will start to drop. The static charges on the product will become more uniformly distributed (thanks to the gradual elimination of current on edges and corners).

At the same time, the operator will have the chance of working with more electrostatically charged air and paint. Because of all this, the paint will start to flow in an increasingly more direct way onto the piece, with less and less dispersion in the booth. Thicknesses on the products will gradually increase, while always maintaining an excellent degree of paint uniformity and flow.

The ATIMIX SYSTEM therefore offers the concrete possibility of using a smaller amount of air and paint, while achieving better product coating (increase in the percentage of paint actually deposited on the piece).

System ASSEMBLY generally requires less than one workday with painting systems stopped.
One System is able to supply several booths and several guns at the same time.