Simple-Paint System - Operation

The SIMPLE-PAINT SYSTEM mainly consists of an air dispensing column made of aluminium and of a de-ionising device. These work on the air used by the gun during painting.

Positioned between the compressor and the dispensing guns, on the top part of the column, is a 3/4' air supply system (inlet and outlet).

The air entering the column is conveyed onto the bottom where an internal tank is located containing a ATE LIQUID (Pat.)

The direct contact between the air and the liquid makes it possible to "wash" the air and trap any traces of dirt, oil and other impurities that could reach the column despite the freezer or various filters.

Subsequently, the air moves up into the top part of the column and passes through a filter system that creates a principle of "de-ionisation". The already partially deionised air exits from the column and enters the deionising device. This device acts on the air and upgrades and ensures maintenance of the deionising effect which continues into the outer pipes (made of metal or plastic) of the existing air system, up to a distance of 50 m from the Atimix System cabinet. The air treated in this way flows into the dispensing gun to be used for painting.

The function of this air treatment is to provide the operator, throughout the year, with air that does not cause static electricity and keeps the object and work environment always neutral.