Who we are


For over 15 years our Company has been conducting studies on the use of electrostatic current in painting. 
The research carried out by ATE has led to the registration of a number of patents, regarding in particular neutralization of static charges in certain environments or bodies.
The static charge is a FUNDAMENTAL FACTOR for both:

  1. ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING, where current is generated and used for charging and applying paint. 
  2. NON-ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING, where the friction caused by applying paint to products generates low intensity charges which affect the application of the paint itself.

The main difference between the two processes lies in the intensity of the static charge present! For applications performed according to both processes the electrostatic current maintains its physical characteristics, which are:
A) Static Charge created on a certain object always accumulates in specific areas:

  1. sharp angles and edges (paint is attracted to these areas causing edge build-up)
  2. angles (difficulty in penetration causing the Faraday Cage effect) 

This affects the distribution of paint over the product reducing uniformity and smoothness of the paint.
B) part of the current always disperses (because it is attracted) into the painting area (booth and operator) causing paint wastage.

By eliminating the painting defects caused by static charges, it is possible to optimize the transfer and application of paint onto products obtaining considerable advantages in terms of quality, economy (less paint used) and environmental protection (less pollution).

Our main purpose is to:

  1. provide our customers with specific consultancy services aimed at explaining the vital importance of the ELECTROSTATIC FACTOR in all painting processes!
  2. provide practical demonstrations of the benefits that can be obtained from a STATIC ELECTRICITY FREE painting environment!

We are certain that we are the only company giving the right importance to the electrostatic element as well as being confident that our equipment will help our customers to optimize the overall results of any of their painting processes. Our purpose is that of spreading the importance of our studies throughout the world.

Our Company is now entering the market with three different lines of products destined to two specific market sectors:


ELECTROSTATIC applications

ATIMIX SYSTEM: reduces painting defects caused by electrostatic current (uneven thickness, edge build-up and running, Faraday cage, orange-peel) improving transfer and application of paint onto products. It can be applied to any ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY GUN and used with all powder and liquid paints.                                                            


SIMPLE-PAINT SYSTEM:   The Simple-Paint System acts on the air used by the spray gun. During the painting process, the friction of the paint first against the nozzle and then against the product generates static electricity. The Simple Paint System works by means of a deionising process that eliminates painting defects and improves transfer and deposit of paint onto products. It can be used with mixed air and manual or automatic air mix NON-ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY GUNS.


NEUTRONIX SYSTEM: specifically used to neutralize disturbing static charges generating during production processes, such as processing of plastic and metal materials.
By removing static currents, this system ensures that the working environment as well as moulded products are neutral (thus reducing the amount of dirt on products).